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Solid New Giving Loop Idea! GIVE & GROW

Our newest Giving Loop Fundraiser item is now available…


Plantable GIVE&GROWS

We always have our thinking cap on trying to come up with solid ideas to help organizations, teams or groups with their fundraisers. We came up with an awesome idea this go around with our eco-friendly Plantable GIVE&GROWS!

Wonderfully unique and symbolic on many levels, our plantable GIVE&GROW shapes make for a solid fundraiser. How does it work? We GIVE you a solid discount on our GIVE&GROWS > people GIVE to your cause by purchasing  > they plant it in honor/memory/support > your fundraiser GROWS along with awareness for your cause. Suggested donation price for folks is $5. Our price to you:  $.78-cents to $1.50 depending on quantity and options.

Each comes packaged in a clear poly bag with custom logo’d card or header card. All paper shapes are designed from natural, biodegradable &  recycled fibers, seeds, and plant material. The plantables grow Forget Me Nots, Wildflowers, Austrian Pines, African Daisies, Johnny Jump Ups or Sycamore as specified. No trees were cut down in the process. Our goal is to help your organization/team/group with a successful fundraiser!

Feel free to ring us anytime with questions at 716-250-2755.

Be well!

Plantable GIVE&GROWS

Plantable GIVE&GROW