Christian the Lion Reunited

Was watching Animal Planet a bit tonight and came across, Christian the Lion Reunited. I had seen the video a few times before and I was always left with a feeling of, “wow”. Wow, wouldn’t it be something if the human race, as a whole, could stop the senseless violence, reunite and live in peace? Indeed it would be something. Much to be learned here…

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2 responses to “Christian the Lion Reunited

  1. I absolutely love your videos. This one made me tear up. Love it! Lisa, the little things you do, do make a difference.
    Keep doing all you do and thanks for sharing.


  2. This video always blows my mind! It’s unbelievable – but I truly believe that many animals can share emotions very similar to ours.

    A long time ago I watched a TV show that was focused on chimps. The long and short of it: They (the humans) did not know that one young chimp was pregnant. She started to act strangely, so they focused in on her. The other female chimps began to gather around her, and soon it was apparent she was giving birth.

    The wonderfully moving part: at the moment of the actual birth, the oldest female chimp began to cheer and hug the other chimps. The elation was unmistakable.

    Gee, we don’t seem to be so different, do we? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this video! *all smiles*

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